She Spray Painted A Few Broken Tree Branches…By The End, I Was So Impressed

If you want to display your jewelry in a fun and creative way, then The Sorry Girls have the perfect project. In the video below, the DIY experts show how to create a hanging jewelry tree made of branches and spray painted copper (or silver). The end result presents a fancy, professional look, despite being partially reclaimed from nature.

If you don”t want to display your jewelry so openly, then this little tree also doubles as a unique art piece. It”s a stunning way to both store and show off all of your favorite accessories.

(source TheSorryGirls)

This project turns something you can find outside into a piece that adds life to the inside of any room. If you want to “branch out,” you can experiment by adding little LED lights to the tree. The tree would also look great in a glass vase if you don”t want to hang it from the ceiling. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!