She Just Wanted To Record A Song, But Her Cat Had Other Ideas…

Based in Melbourne, Australia, alternative country musician Ayleen O”Hanlon clearly has a lot of talent. Though her debut album won”t be released until later this year, she”s already shown the world the kind of beautiful melodies they can expect via her YouTube page.

And while her vocal and performance abilities are enough to impress us on their own, she also has the unique talent of being able to pull it all off while her cat, George, attempts to cuddle up with her. The cutie starts out relaxed, but as the song progresses, so do his antics.

“Oh, are we on camera?”

“I should show off my good side.”

“Here, let me help you.”

“Did you get new shampoo?”

“Okay, wake me up for the encore.”

You can watch the whole adorable performance here:

(source Ayleen O”Hanlon)

Maybe she should consider letting George join the act. They can become an adorable duo. Either way, you should definitely check out O”Hanlon”s website for more sweet tunes and info on her upcoming album.