She Interviewed Him About His First Day Of School, When The Most Adorable Thing Happened

Many of us can recall how we felt on the first day of school, but if you have a hard time remembering, let me give you a refresher. You’re excited and a little bit nervous about the whole situtation. The next thing you know, Mom and Dad take your picture, and right after that, they drop you off at a school full of strangers. It’s a big day for everyone, and all that change can be a little scary.

If you need a visual representation of those mixed-up feelings, take a look at what happened to this kid. He ran through the entire gamut of emotions in under a minute.


He was excited about the idea of going to school, but then he thought about not seeing his mom all day. That made him so sad! We feel you, little buddy. You’ll have to go through this one more time when you go off to college, so it’s better to get some practice in now.

Good luck to you and all your little ones as they start school this month!