She Heard Her Cat Meowing On The Balcony…Only To Find The Most Unusual Friend Sitting Next To Her

Perched on a ledge in Dutch Harbor Unalaska, a small island on the Aleutian chain in Alaska, Grizzle the cat was simply minding his own business. That’s when someone special decided to drop in for a little afternoon chat…

And that someone was a bald eagle.


Amazing When the eagles are quietly on the balcony with the cats

Posted by Immortal Che Guevara on Friday, November 13, 2015

Despite what you may think, Grizzle was in no danger of being eaten. “These eagles are raised in a very unique environment.” said Facebook friend Kimi Braun. “They are VERY used to humans, and routinely are found along railings, on pots, fences and other objects within touching distance of humans, foxes, cats, dogs. Food is also extremely abundant for them. it would be like hunting a deer in the middle of a Vegas buffet line.”

Thankfully, that kitty will live to befriend another eagle!