She Has Been Single Every Christmas, So She Decided To Embrace It With These Cards

If you’re single around the holidays, you might find it hard to be around your family. They constantly ask you if you have a significant other yet, and they give you advice on how to pick up the perfect man or woman. Basically, this ends in you wanting to bury your face in the Christmas ham and hide in the basement forever.

One woman named Bridget is fed up with the questions and the constant nagging she faces because she’s single. That’s why she started making these hysterical Christmas cards.

She was tired of getting family Christmas cards, so she made some of her own.

They are festive and hilarious!

She just wants her family and friends to know that she’s totally fine with being single.

I’m probably going to steal this idea from Bridget. This is hilarious, and it really gets the message across. Don’t hassle people about being single this year during the holidays, people!