Shady Gas Station Gives $75,000 Lottery Winner Just $75… Turns Out Winner Was Undercover Inspector

Check your scratch-offs carefully…

A gas station in Palmdale, CA is under investigation after some really shady business went down.

One of the gas station employees was given a “winning” scratch off ticket one day… a $75,000 winner! Problem is he gave the customer only $75 in winnings.

Bigger problem is that customer was an undercover inspector with the California lottery.

Now there”s an investigation and they”re trying to figure out if any fraud was committed.

Apparently, the gas station clerk recognized his mistake and called his boss who then called the lottery officials. Allegedly. Then, after the lotto officials never got back to her, also allegedly, she reached out to the media to try and find the winner. Problem is they held onto the ticket, which is against protocol, thus the investigation.

Also she accidentally outed one of their undercovers.

Check out the video to see the whole undercover transaction go down and learn a little more about this crazy story: