See The World’s First Espresso Made In Space

Caffeine and zero gravity finally collide.

Caffeine and zero gravity finally collide.

One small sip for man, one giant Big Gulp chug for mankind… or something like that.

Over the weekend, Italian Sam Cristoforetti and her crew became the first astronauts to brew espresso at the International Space Station.

The machine that was used to brew the java is nicknamed the ISSpresso, and it can also make tea, broth and other hot beverages. It made its way up to the ISS inside a SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Sam tweeted out the above photo with the caption:

“‘Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised.’ Fresh espresso in the new Zero-G cup! To boldly brew… “

Sam is clearly an innovator. Not only is she leading the charge in space coffee-drinking, she was also the first Italian female in space… and she had the cojones to tweet out a pic wearing a Star Trek uniform just before May the Fourth.

That’s pretty damn gutsy.