Scientists Are Building A Profane, Angry Robot To Train Customer Service Representatives

Most science fiction fans focus on the idea if Artificial Intelligence can ever truly learn to love. Well, it turns out they can certainly learn how to hate, swear, and berate people. Scientists in New Zealand, at The Touchpoint Group, are trying to create an AI specifically to train customer service representatives for a bank, and they’re making that AI pissed.

The firm plans to use two years worth of customer calls from four of Australia’s largest banks. Within the next six months, a team of data scientists will use these recordings to build a model that companies can use to find the best response to any rude or irate customer. It is expected that the AI will include swearing, name-calling, and angrily hanging up the phone.

Using this, they can create responses that will be calm down a caller.

The project is called Radiant, which is named for a computer in Isaac Asimov’s work that predicted the future of the human race. $500,000 AUD has already been pledged for the project, which I would gladly swear into a phone for hours for just half of that.