Science Says: Sarcastic People Are Different From Everyone Else!

While you might consider this to be an obvious statement, you would have to look deeper into the meaning of what it is to be sarcastic. While some might not like your form of humor, sarcasm is actually a sign of one thing – intelligence.

The Harvard Business School has published a study that shows that highest form of intelligence is actually sarcasm. This is because sarcasm is a form that expresses a higher level of thinking.

It promotes an extra level of creativity. It also requires a lot of abstract thinking in order to display proper sarcasm. Sarcasm can also trigger different responses depending on how you felt towards the person, and whether you are happy or sad. Because in each instance, sarcasm could trigger more creativity or anger.

Not everybody can detect sarcasm and it is not used by everyone equally. It is harder to understand sarcasm for some people than others.