Say Treats! These 26 Pets Are More Awkward In Photos Than You’ll Ever Be

Life can be tough when you aren”t blessed with photogenic genes. You may not be shy, but as soon as someone busts out a camera, you run and hide until the familiar camera shutter sounds.

While it doesn”t necessarily solve your problem, it might make you feel better to know that you”re not alone. In fact, many of our adorable, fuzzy-faced friends have had their share of bad photo-ops. Check out what happened when these owners told their dogs and cats to “say cheese!”

1. He wasn”t really ready for a close-up.

He wasn

2. “You know this isn”t my good side!”

"You know this isn

3. “Maybe if I smile they”ll leave me alone.”

"Maybe if I smile they

4. He hates when the paparazzi catches him snacking.

He hates when the paparazzi catches him snacking.

5. “Whoa, where”d you come from?”

"Whoa, where

6. “If this one has red eye too I will flip. Out.”

7. “I said NO PHOTOS!”

8. “Wait, which camera should I look at?”

9. “You know I can”t wink!”

"You know I can

10. “I only had one drink, I swwweeaarr.”

11. A snaggletooth doesn”t have to stop you from smiling.

A snaggletooth doesn

12. “What was that sound? Are you taking a photo?!”

13. #IWokeUpLikeThis


14. “Nope, that smell definitely isn”t coming from me!”

"Nope, that smell definitely isn

15. The photographer said “smile” and they heard “scream.”

The photographer said

16. “And then the doctor gave me even MORE laughing gas!”

17. “Take one more photo. Just try. See what happens.”

18. He”s hoping his new teeth whitener will give him more confidence.


19. “The flash? While I”m napping? Really??”

"The flash? While I

20. “You”re about to get a claw in the eye.”


21. This is his GOOD smile.

This is his GOOD smile.

22. “Are you filming??”

23. “I distinctly said no photos while I”m EATING!”

"I distinctly said no photos while I

24. *Plotting your demise.*

*Plotting your demise.*

25. This is all kinds of awkward.

This is all kinds of awkward.

26. I found you!

I found you!

I feel so much better about my own photos now, I might even stop untagging myself on Facebook. Maybe.