Revolutionary GoSun Solar-Powered Grill Works Even When Its Raining

Every once in a while, you see an amazing idea on Kickstarter that seems so simple, yet so world changing.

The GoSun Grill is definitely one of the more amazing ideas out there. They’ve already crushed their original goal of $140,000 with over $281,500 pledged so far.

The grill is priced at $349-$599 depending on what extras you want and how early you order, so it’s priced the same as an average grill. Though you’ll save tons in the long run on propane or charcoal costs.

The GoSun Grill isn’t just another solar cooker either… it can actually cook your food when it’s cloudy, or even at night!

How can it do this impossible feat? Because of its incredible thermal battery. It’s a “proprietary phase change material” encapsulated in aluminum. Basically, it’s a heat battery that stores energy by melting an “organic wax.”

Sunlight is reflected onto the grill’s vacuum sealed cooking tube (which houses the battery) using a parabolic mirror. The mirror focuses the sun’s rays so powerfully, the thermal battery only needs about 2 hours to fully heat up. Then, because it’s sealed inside a vacuum, almost no heat is lost. It’ll stay so hot for so long, you could cook some food even after the sun is down.

This is obviously amazing for tons of reasons. No more pricey fuel, no more fire risk, no real chance of explosions. Just sunlight and good food cooked at a consistent 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake, steam, roast or boil, it’s literally a normal grill.

What’s even more amazing is how they’re trying to use their grill to help people all over the world, providing a clean, safe, fuel-free grill for those who really need it.

Check out their video below and learn a little more about this awesome new grill: