Remember Those Pets You Neglected In Elementary School? Well, Tamagotchis Return In Apple Watch!

Sure, many trees have sprouted on the graves of your former Tamagotchis, but don’t worry, this once thought extinct species is making a comeback.

Every ’90s kid’s favorite digital pet, and every ’90s elementary school teacher’s most hated disruption, the Tamagotchi may have been just a couple of needy pixels, but I loved mine.

Then one day, I think it was in fourth grade, I realized: I’m a child. I can’t take care of anything. Especially not an alien hatched out of an egg who never stops pooping.

But I think if I tried again now, I’d be able to take care of my Tamagotchi. And luckily for me, I might have the chance… if I decide to buy a wildly exorbitant timekeeping device.

That’s right, the Apple Watch features the Tamagotchi Apple Watch app. For just 99 cents, you too can ignore this creature’s every whine once again.

The app works alongside versions for the iPhone and the iPad. Will you shell out the $0.99?