Regardless Of What You Think You’re Seeing Here, Your Eyes Are Lying To You

Our eyes can really play tricks on us, especially when it comes to optical illusions. Optical illusions often leave us hoodwinked when it comes to vision and perception. These visual puzzles tend to rely on trickery involving perspective and range of view, forcing the solver to work on it in a 3D space.

The puzzle below is one of the hardest optical illusions to solve in quite some time. Take a look at the rooftop and make sure that you are actually seeing what you think you are seeing. You might be good at other mind-bending puzzles, but your eyes might fail you here.

(via Maricv 84)

I know I couldn”t believe my eyes after seeing this. How about you? Even with the explanation, I had a hard time figuring out what was going on in the video. But hey, we all can”t be super-geniuses like you, now can we?