Puppy Love Is Real And These Two Best Friends Prove Just That With This Video

If you”ve ever seriously questioned whether or not dogs dream, this little guy should convince you that they do.

Meet Jackson. He”s having a very real nightmare and can”t seem to wake himself up. Good thing his pal Laika is around to lend a helping paw.

Run, little guy, run!

Run, little guy, run!

Run as fast as you can!

Run as fast as you can!

“It”s ok, I”m here!” Laika comes to the rescue.


“Shhh, wake up, it”s me, we are all a-ok.”

"Shhh, wake up, it

“It was all just one big scary dream.”

“I”ve got your back.”


Happy cuddles, you two. It”s almost too much cute to handle, but I”ll allow it.