Police Officers Are On A Mission To Help The Homeless Population In Houston

A special outreach team in the Houston Police Department is trying something new when it comes to working with the homeless.

Sgt. Steve Wick leads a small unit called the Homeless Outreach Team. Formed in 2007, this team comprises of four officers, one sergeant, and three mental health case workers. Aside from responding to complaints associated with homelessness (including public intoxication and loitering), this unit works proactively to help people get off the downtown Houston streets. The team often spends hours at a time with one homeless person, always trying to find an alternative to their life on the streets.

(Source: NationSwell)

This incredible program shows the great work our men and women in blue do every day. Every city needs one of these programs. It would drastically improve the lives of the less fortunate around the country.