People With Too Much Time on Their Hands Created a New Internet Phenomena.

The Internet is a great place to waste a ton of your time. If you”re bored and have a few hours to kill, it is an infinite source of enjoyment. For many though, it can become a huge waste of time that you can barely climb out of. That is what happened to the creators of this new Internet phenomena, Dirds. People have been Photoshopping the faces of dogs on birds and I”ve got to say, the results are terrifying, interesting, and sometimes even cute. Have a look for yourself.

I don”t know if I”d ever waste my time creating such a thing. It must take a few hours at least, but I guess if you”ve got all that time on your hands, why not? Why not create a weird hybrid that could cause people to have nightmares/wild fantasies.

…but, seriously. I wish Dirds were real.