30 Hilarious Prank Ideas

April Fools Day is still months away, but its never too early to start coming up with prank ideas to treat the people in your life. In fact, the more thought out and planned the prank, the better it will be! Here are some

16 Of The Richest Baller Babies On Instagram

These babies may be your boss one day… like tomorrow. Remember when the #RichKidsOfInstagram was a thing? Yeah, me neither because today it”s all about the youth… and if you”re over 36 months, you are OLD dude. The #RichBabiesOfInstagram have taken over and we”ve

11 Funniest Wrecks

Wrecks usually aren’t very funny. People get injured or even killed and that’s certainly no laughing matter. But sometimes people just do dumb things that result in pure hilarity and live to have others laugh at it.