Only The Biggest Disney Fans Can Spot These 11 Hidden Mickeys

Just when you think you might come close to knowing all there is to know about Disney movies, there”s always something to remind you just how complex the world of Disney truly is. For such a prolific team, they really sure know how to pack a lot into their movies. It”s simply not enough for them to have an incredible story, catchy songs, and beautiful animation. No, Disney movies also need to have some secret stuff in the background for fans to notice. They must know that we”re going watch their movies over and over again. On the subject of secret stuff, have you ever noticed the hidden Mickeys found in most Disney movies? See if you can identify them in the movie stills below.

Lilo and Stitch

<i>Lilo and Stitch</i>



Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

<i>Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs</i>

The Rescuers

<i>The Rescuers</i>

Wreck-It Ralph

<i>Wreck-It Ralph</i>

Beauty and the Beast

<i>Beauty and the Beast</i>

A Goofy Movie

<i>A Goofy Movie</i>



The Lion King

<i>The Lion King</i>

The Little Mermaid

<i>The Little Mermaid</i>



(source Disney)

I didn”t notice most of those before. It looks like I”ll have to sit down and go through Disney”s entire movie catalog once again. Isn”t that the worst? No, I don”t feel that bad for myself either.