One Of These Leaves Is Not Like The Others. Can You Spot The Difference?

Photorealistic drawings and paintings depict a subject rendered in such detail that the resulting drawing looks like a photo. It”s a demanding, time-consuming style to work in, it requires a lot of attention to the small things, and it takes a lot of practice to master.

Artist Dino Tomic can capture some pretty astounding detail. Whether it”s a human face or a still life, his drawings could easily be mistaken for photos — or for the real thing.

Here”s a little optical illusion for you. See if you can spot what”s going on here.


The moment of truth:

The moment of truth:

It”s this one. This “leaf” is actually a carefully rendered, photorealistic drawing.


Tomic created it by carefully studying a real leaf and capturing it in marker and colored pencil.

Watch Tomic create the photorealistic drawing right before your eyes!

(via Sploid)

See more of Tomic”s photorealistic work on his YouTube channel, where you can watch how he creates them from start to finish. You might not be able to tell them from the real things, though; they”re that amazing!

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