One Man Faced His Greatest Fear To Help This Poor Creature In Need

When Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation was called for a rescue, he could feel his knees begin to shake. The rescue operation involved a pigeon stuck in netting on the facade of a three-story building. Simon knew this would be a tough rescue for him, since he”s quite uncomfortable with heights. Luckily for him, there was a nearby builder, also named Simon, who volunteered to help out.

With the two Simons working together, they managed to safely untangle the poor bird from the net and get it back to the rescue center for a bit of R&R. The bird was released again into the wild after a nice recovery.

(via Wildlife Aid)

That was awesome work from the two Simons! It”s nice to see that, no matter what type of animal is in danger, there are always good people willing to help out.