One Look And You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing At These 21 Scaredy Cats

Even if you”re the toughest of tough guys, you probably get at least a little bit scared every once in a while. Whether it”s at a scary movie, from seeing a teeny, tiny spider, or perhaps because your annoying friend jumped out from around the corner, the best way to handle a quick fright is to laugh it off. But these kitties prefer to pretend like they”re cool as a cucumber. I must admit, the combo of sheer terror and a facade of “I got this” is really hilarious.

1. Don”t worry, kitten, it”s not real…


2. I can”t do horror movies either.

I can

3. “I, uhh, just wanted to see if I could sleep with you? Definitely didn”t have another nightmare about Fido…”

"I, uhh, just wanted to see if I could sleep with you? Definitely didn

4. “I can do this…it”s just a squuIIRRELLLL!!!”

"I can do

5. “That clown totally didn”t scare me (get me OUT of this haunted house!)…”

"That clown totally didn

6. “Just a cat walking, nothing to see here.”

7. “I am OKAY. I”m OKAY. I AM OKAY…”

"I am OKAY. I

8. “Thaaaat”s a big spider.”


9. “We”re going…swimming?”


10. If he wasn”t scared before…

If he wasn

11. “If I don”t see it, it isn”t there…”

"If I don

12. “These are just my ears, okay? Ask my mom!”


14. It”s a leaf blower three houses away. You”re going to be okay. Time to get out of the garbage can.


15. “Scared? Naw, just…moving this way.”

16. “This was fun for about a second…”

“Get. Me. Off.”

17. “Shhh, I think I hear the baby human coming. Hide me! He hugs too hard!”

18. “I”m gonna get”chaaaaah — NOPE changed my mind!”


19. “Is he gone? Asking for a friend…”

20. “…Are you done vacuuming? Not scared, just wondering.”

21. “I see dead people.”

It”s alright, I still think you”re all really cool cats. Besides, there have been moments where I want to hide in a garbage can, so I totally get it!