Ollie Was Abandoned At A Local Grocery Store, And His Rescue Story Is Inspiring

You never know where you’ll find the love of your life. Just ask this woman. She happened to find love at a grocery store one day when she came across an abandoned kitten.

The poor cat was left at the store, and when she saw him, she knew that she needed to take him home. She started calling him Ollie, and the rest is adorable history.

As she later learned, little Ollie was only one day old when she found him!

One of her cat-hating friends said that he looked like a little alien, but give the guy a break! He was born 24 hours before that and abandoned at a grocery store.

But to her, he was perfect. Just after taking him in, she realized that Ollie loved curling up like a kitty burrito.

I mean…look at that face.

One night he had to make an emergency trip to the vet for dehydration, but now he’s doing fine!

And when he got home, the naps commenced.

After 12 days, he opened his eyes!

His faithful friend was always there for him, and she still is.

Here’s the little nugget at two weeks old.

According to his rescuer, “Ollie is a stage 5 clinger. He would cry, and cry, and cry if he heard people outside of the room he was kept in.”

“I made sure it wasn’t due to hunger, since kittens cry horribly when their bellies are empty. Sure enough, he’d reject the bottle and just chill on me instead.”

He’s into cuddling, basically.

What a handsome guy!

And when it comes to sleeping, he’s a champion.

At one month in, Ollie was looking great!

And he just kept getting prettier!

“When Ollie discovered that he was no longer able to be tucked into shirts, he reverted to sitting on shoulders instead. If you sit down in my house, or even walk by a shelf, you may end up with a curious, clingy kitty on your shoulder. “

But then she brought home another kitten that was also abandoned.

And Ollie became a big brother!

It looks like they’re getting along just fine.

I have a feeling that these three are going to be best friends forever! It’s clear that after painful abandonment, these two kitties have found the best kind of love.