Oh My God…We Are, Like, Literally Dying Over This Instagram Account

If you”ve ever seen someone talk about how they are “literally dying” or “literally dead” on social media, the misuse of the world “literally” might make you twitch a bit. Chalk it up to lack of literacy or simply slang gone wild, but some coworkers saw an opportunity for a hilarious joke. Their inside joke has now gone viral, and we can all bask in the glory that is Skellie.

Skellie was created by social media manager Dana Herlihey with the intent of pranking her friends. The Instagram account follows the (after)life and times of Skellie, an obnoxiously basic Instagram user who overuses hashtags, abuses filters, references Taylor Swift and Starbucks, takes pictures of her food, and is all-around every cringey social media habit rolled into one. Basically, she”s your obnoxious friend, or your embarrassing younger self. Maybe she”s even you.

Also, she”s a skeleton. Which means the “literally dead” jokes are actually funny. The captions are Skellie”s own quotes, but we”ve spared you the hashtags, for the most part. (You”re welcome.)

“Beauty secret: organic papaya face mask and vegan gluten free cucumber slices! Use when you just can”t with life anymore and need to feel extra fresh!”

“Vegan gluten free mushroom vegetarian burger with homemade locally sourced probiotic mayo served on raw organic ethical lettuce, and a side of free trade celiac-friendly organic quinoa veggie onion rings.”

“LOL literally dying over my photo with #Santa! Trying to butter the big guy up so I get off the naughty list 😉 Some kids were crying when I sat on his knee – what brats! Not like my wish list was THAT long.”

“Don”t worry boys, it doesn”t take me THAT long to get ready in the morning.”

“”tis the season! Skinny Peppermint Mochas until Christmas for this girl!!”

“Snow angel!!”


“Shopped “til I dropped #dead”

“Work #selfie. Working hard or hardly working, amirite?!”


“#ootd frolicking through the forrest, feeling like an Autumn-Winter princess in my DIY flower crown and faux-vegan-fur cape!”

“Christmas dinner!! Organic gluten free vegan fit life begins tomorrow ;)”

“Half an hour on the elliptical counts as leg day, right? Literally so dead right now.”

“Gloomy Monday playing some #acoustic #TaylorSwift. #ShakeItOff. Ugh, don”t even ask what”s wrong.”

“I now present you my Tinder profile. You”d totally swipe right for me, right?!”

“Just working on my resolutions for 2015! Totally going to be the best year EVER!”

(via BoredPanda)

So the next time you find yourself having to slog through a sea of multi-word hashtags, or once again see what kind of gluten-free creation your friend is easting for lunch, just suggest they follow Skellie. They”ll understand…if they don”t literally die first.