Not Only Is This Strange Floating Building Abandoned…It’s Also A McDonalds

In the middle of a frozen, lonely lake sits this strange structure…totally abandoned and most definitely creepy.

What”s weirder than a floating abandoned building? What”s more gross than an abandoned McDonald”s (besides maybe a functioning one)? Why, a floating, abandoned McDonald”s, of course!

There were once two floating McDonald”s locations in existence: one in St. Louis, MO, and this one, currently anchored in the Burrard Inlet in Burnaby, BC, near Vancouver. If you thought the famous dining chain was entirely landlocked, think again.

There were once <em>two</em> floating McDonald

Officially, it”s named the Friendship 500, but it”s mainly known as the “McBarge.” It was built as a floating McDonald”s restaurant for Expo “86 in Vancouver. The Expo was a World”s Fair meant to showcase up-and-coming technology. The theme of the 1986 Expo was transportation.

The floating restaurant was one of five McDonald”s locations during the Expo. It was going to remain a functioning restaurant, but the idea never took off. It was removed from the Expo grounds and anchored in Burrard Inlet, where it remains today.

As you can see, it”s not exactly in great shape, becoming an attraction for urban explorers.

Naturally, the interior fell into disrepair after being left to the elements since 1991 when it was moved.

The McBarge when it was operational, functioning as a McDonald”s during the five-month Expo in 1986.

The McBarge can be seen from satellite, like in this image from Google Maps.

Today, there are plans to restore the McBarge, but they have yet to be approved by the local government. The McBarge is part of a proposal to develop the area”s waterfront, and could be renovated to house a restaurant once again.

The barge is pretty accessible to the public. Watch these two friends explore it and eat some fitting snacks.

(via Reddit, Vancity Ghost Hunt)

While the plans to revitalize the McBarge and turn it into the floating dining space of the future await approval, several other proposals were put forth for the interesting but rather unsightly barge. One proposal even included turning it into a homeless shelter, as Vancouver”s temporary housing is notoriously overcrowded. As of now, the fate of the McBarge is uncertain, but it doesn”t appear to be going anywhere, making it a favorite location of explorers and photographers.