No One Showed Up To This Boy’s Birthday Party, So Some State Troopers Made It Right

Ten-year-old Toxey Andrews was celebrating his birthday when no one from his class showed up to the party. He was devastated, to say the least. His mother then posted the heartbreaking news on Facebook, and the story eventually made its way across a state trooper’s desk.

That man and a few other officers went to Toxey’s house, and they brought a cake, some presents, and one of their police dogs with them! They wanted to make sure Toxey had a special birthday, regardless of whether or not the kids from his class came to the party. After all, they were the ones missing out!

The Arkansas state troopers found out about Toxey’s birthday party from a Facebook post that was written by the boy’s mother, Angela.

They knew they had to do something, so they decided to give Toxey the best birthday ever!

It’s not fair for any child to have a disappointing birthday.

Toxey even got to wear a trooper hat and play with the sirens!

By the time everything was said and done, this little boy had the best birthday ever.

(via Stuff)

Kids can be cruel, but thankfully, the world is full of kind people like these state troopers. Children look forward to their birthdays every year, and something tells me that whoever plans Toxey’s next party has a lot to live up to.