New Wearable Tech Lets You Track Your Farts

Meet the CH4.

Artist and engineer Rodrigo Narciso is trying to crowdfund a new piece of wearable tech.

Normally, getting funding online wouldn”t seem too hard for some cool map-making running shoe, or a hat that vibrates when you get a Facebook message or something.

But the CH4 is all about farts. Butt farts. Gas from human butts. (CH4 is the chemical formula for methane gas, a common fart ingredient.)

The CH4 is a little device you clip to your belt or attach to your back pocket and that”s it. Then you just sit back as it slurps up your farts all day.

No, it doesn”t literally suck them in after you accidentally let one slip in an elevator. What it does is track and analyze your gas. Really.

It pairs with an app for your smartphone, where you track the foods you eat. And that”s it. The app and CH4 device will make a stinky profile of you and what foods trigger your worst gas.

Gas is formed in the digestive tract and a lot of it comes from your internal bacteria breaking down your food. At least thats the stanky gas. Other gas can simply come from swallowed air or carbonation.

So with an app tracking your foods and farts, a person would then be able to use that knowledge to avoid the foods that cause them the most gas.

Who would actually wear a fart tracker on their back pocket, you ask? Not too many people apparently.

The project”s Kickstarter only has $1,660 out of its $180,000 goal with only 12 days to go.

While, in concept, it”s a hilarious and possibly useful medical tool, in practice, it”s safe to assume most people won”t spend good money to fart on a cool new tech product.