New Crab Car Can Shrink & Drive Sideways — What Can Your Car Do?

Crab people, crab people, drive like crabs, talk like people.

Meet the EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is the German microcar to end all other microcars, so get your hot wheels nonsense out of my face!

This car can shrink itself by 80cm (which is who knows? I’m not a ruler or anything.), and the prototype created by German engineers can reach speeds up 40mph, and go for about 30-44 miles on a 4-hour battery charge.

On top of that, it can move sideways! You know, like a crab, that disgusting crustacean!

By the way, I hear shrinkage and a sideways positioning is like totally normal.

The real question, however: where are the pincers, can can it self-amputate a wheel if it gets damaged?