New Bill Authorizes Lyft & Uber In Nevada! Excuse Me While I Purchase Every Ticket To Vegas Ever!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Uber and Lyft. And also the rest of Nevada.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Uber and Lyft. And also the rest of Nevada.

While you were probably sleeping, recovering from last night”s revelries (which you probably got home from thanks to an Uber), something pretty groundbreaking happened in Nevada.

In the early hours of today, the state”s legislature approved a bill that effectively authorized ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft in the state.

Sure, the sessions leading up to the vote lasted for a while, but in the end it passed! If you like partying in Vegas, which I do, then getting around is going to get that much more convenient and affordable.

Plus, there”s some really good karma coming Nevada”s way too. In addition, there will also be 3 percent excises tax placed on fares as well. This will raise tens of millions of dollars that will eventually fund the new medical school over UNLV.

More funding for medical school leads to be more doctors, better doctors, and safer, healthier patients. Who know using Uber and Lyft could help so many?!

I mean, Uber Pool is already incredible. Seriously, this company is doing some pretty incredible and nuanced things.

Here”s what Uber had to say about the joyous news:

“Nevadans are the winners today. Thanks to the bipartisan leadership of both houses of the Nevada State Legislature, Uber is well on its way to returning to the Silver State, bringing with it thousands of jobs and greater access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation options for all Nevadans.”

Now, of course, there are a few caveats. For one, Uber and Lyft will have to apply to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission before they can start operating, and drivers will have to continuous provide insurance of at minimum $1.5 million for death or bodily injury.

But once again, over the next two years, the tax, which includes limos and taxies, could raise roughly roughly $70 million for Nevada.

Looks like everyone is a winner in this situation. Nevada, people riding Uber and Lyft, and Uber and Lyft itself. Sometimes capitalism isn”t so bad.