Never Get A Poison Ivy Rash Again Using This Ridiculously Simple Technique

Summer is in full swing, and if you”re anything like me, you know that a poison ivy rash is waiting for you just around the corner. You never know where or when you”ll get it, but you just feel it in your bones. Then all of a sudden, WHAM! You get a huge rash on your legs and you Can”t. Stop. Itching.

Think you can”t do anything to avoid these huge rashes? Think again.

Using this simple technique, you”ll never have to worry about getting one of these pesky ivy irritations again.

Let”s start with the basics: how you get a poison ivy rash.


Poison ivy, oak, and sumac all contain an oil called urushiol that causes the itchy rash. If the urushiol gets on your skin, you could get a poison ivy irritation. You don”t even need to be near the plant. If urushiol comes into contact with anything that you touch, a shoe, a rake, a part of your car, the rash can be spread to your skin.

How do you prevent a rash? Simple: wash yourself!

How do you prevent a rash? Simple: wash yourself!

But it”s not quite that easy…

Because you might miss some spots without knowing it…

Because you might miss some spots without knowing it...

Like other oils, urushiol is extremely hard to remove. You may think that you”ve rid yourself of it all, but there may still be little bits of it left on your skin.

Scrub off every last bit!

Scrub off every last bit!

It doesn”t matter what soap you use, but it is paramount that you use a washcloth or loofah to scrub every possible affected area.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to avoid these rashes, watch this video:

(source Extreme Deer Habitat)

Great! I can finally take that camping trip I”ve always wanted to go on. Now if only this guy had a video explaining how to avoid bears in the forest, I”d be all set…

Now that you know how to avoid poison ivy, here are some awesome summer projects for you.