Meet The Grumpier Version Of Grumpy Cat — She’s Adorably Upset All The Time

If you don’t know about Grumpy Cat, I’m not sure where you’ve been for the past few years.

You see, the silly feline has a permanently unhappy look on her face. She has more than 8 million followers on Facebook and her own comic books. She’s kind of a big deal…but you wouldn’t know it by her expression.

But this angry-looking kitten isn’t alone when it comes to grumps in the animal kingdom. In fact, we might have even uncovered a grumpier cat. She lives in Japan and goes by Koyuki.

Koyuki takes the unamused disposition that Grumpy Cat is known for and brings it up to full-on disgust.

But she’s somehow still so darn adorable!

The nine-year-old cat likes everything normal cats do — like cardboard boxes!

She’s just got some work to do on showing her happiness…

Her human who runs her Instagram account says, “She is not upset.”

The regal Scottish fold just has high standards.

“Take one more photo of me…I dare you.”

She is truly fierce.

When it comes down to it, though, she’s just a big, puffy lovebug like our less grumpy-looking pets!

So who wore grump the best? I just can’t decide! I guess we’ll have to call it a tie. Either way, something tells me neither would have looked too excited if they’d won.