Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In A Photo Booth, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Kevin Moran brought his girlfriend, Molly McGinni, to a photo booth at his local mall. However, Kevin had no interest in saying cheese. Instead, he whipped out an engagement ring and asked Molly to say yes.

After the machine snaps the first picture, where the young couple pose with that typical photo-booth cuteness, Kevin takes the ring from his left pocket and calmly pops the question. This was much to the surprise of his girlfriend. Her adorable reaction to the proposal was caught by the automatic machine, forever capturing that romantic moment of their life.

(Source: Kevin Moran)

The second photo is just too hilarious. It”s as if her eyes gazed upon the essence of love itself, leaving her completely transfixed. Congrats to the lovely couple!