Man Has A Serious Conversation With His Roommate’s Dog After She Ruins Her Bed

Sucking up can work wonders after doing something wrong. However, it can often fail spectacularly.

When CJ caught his roommate”s dog chewing its brand new bed, he sat her on the sofa and had a serious conversation with her. He asked her why she would do such a thing, and informed her that he”d let her owner know exactly what she did. Feeling ashamed and not wanting her owner to find out, the dog does her very best at trying to suck up to CJ. She uses all of her adorable tricks in an effort to get him to forget what he saw. However, as you can see in the cute video, he wasn”t buying any of it.

(source C.J. Huffman)

I just want to cuddle that cute pup…and that”s exactly what she wants me to want. What a trickster!