Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer With These 14 Super Simple Tricks

The dreaded “low battery” signal flashes on your phone and you can see it – the end is near.

Having a dead smartphone with no charger for miles can feel like the end of the world. What if someone is trying to reach you? How do you get home (how are you suddenly forgetting this)?

Luckily, there are really easy ways to make sure this never happens to you. These battery hacks will help make your smartphone”s battery last much longer. Don”t worry, you can thank us later.

1. Turn off notifications

Turn off notifications

All those notifications you get from your phone”s applications use up battery power. Turning them off in your app settings will help your battery last longer.

2. Turn off vibrate

Turn off vibrate

The vibrate mode on your phone actually uses more battery than your normal ringtone. Bottom line: only set your phone to vibrate if you need to.

3. Turn off bluetooth

Turn off bluetooth

This should be a no-brainer, but when you”re not using bluetooth, disable the function.

4. Choose a simple background

Choose a simple background

The wallpapers you use on your phone actually burn precious battery power. Use static backgrounds to make the most of your battery”s charge.

5. Turn off haptic feedback

Turn off haptic feedback

Haptic feedback is the noise and vibration that your smartphone produces when you press buttons. By turning these off, you”ll save battery life.

6. Lower the brightness

Lower the brightness

You can save your phone”s charge by simply dimming the display light on your phone.

7. Avoid the heat

Avoid the heat

Overexposure to heat will actually decrease the capacity of your battery. Do your best to keep it cool.

8. Get a wireless charger

Get a wireless charger

If you”re on the go and need a quick charge, a wireless phone charger can be super handy.

9. Disable Wi-Fi

Disable Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi is a great way to minimize data usage, but keeping it on throughout the day can drain your battery big-time. Turn off Wi-Fi when you”re not using it.

10. Download a power-saving app

Download a power-saving app

If keeping track of your battery efficiency is annoying, downloadable applications can help you out.

11. Consider a battery booster

Consider a battery booster

If your battery is consistently running out quickly, you may want to buy a battery booster. They give your phone”s battery extra charge.

12. Turn off GPS

Turn off GPS

GPS is one of the most useful apps on smartphones. It helps you get where you”re going. But once you”re there, be sure to turn it off.

13. Use airplane mode

Use airplane mode

You know that thing flight attendants talk about – but you never activate? Use airplane mode when you”re driving or out of cell range to reduce battery usage.

14. Turn your phone off

Turn your phone off

And read a book! That”ll definitely reduce your battery usage.

(via All Day)

These are some super easy ways to make sure your phone”s charge lasts longer. Putting these hacks to use is definitely a lot better than having a dead smartphone.