Make Your Kitty Feel Safe And Happy In Her Very Own DIY Cat Tent!

Cats love small, enclosed spaces. It”s been proven time and time again. They go to great lengths to find their favorite spots…which sometimes end up being your sock drawer or garbage can! But you can”t blame them: it”s part of their instinct to find safe places. So, if you want to keep your undergarments furless and your cat from smelling like trash, you should give them their own space!

The problem is that cat beds and toys can get pretty expensive…so why not make your own little cat tent out of these affordable materials — it”s easier than you think!

(source Purina Friskies)

There you have it! You”re just a couple easy steps away from giving your kitten her very own safe space. Now aren”t you a good cat parent?!

Craving more cats? No problem!