Love Really Is Forever With These Creative Couples Tattoos.

Some couples like to take the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” very seriously by inking in an homage to their soulmate on their skin. Anyone can say “I do,” but it takes a lot of courage to make this permanent testimonial to your love. These couples must be really sure they”ve found “The One.”

Take a look at these couples” creative odes to each other. After all, nothing says “forever” like a tattoo!

1. Heart and initial.

Heart and initial.

2. Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.

3. King and Queen crowns.

King and Queen crowns.

4. “Opposites attract.”

5. Lock and key.

Lock and key.

6. Snoopy and Woodstock.

Snoopy and Woodstock.

7. Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie.

8. Two hearts become one.

Two hearts become one.

9. Puzzle pieces.

Puzzle pieces.

10. Fingerprint art.

Fingerprint art.

11. “If you”re a bird, I”m a bird.”

"If you

12. Ampersand arrow with initials.

Ampersand arrow with initials.

13. Wave image of saying “I love you.”

Wave image of saying

14. The Corpse Bride.

<em>The Corpse Bride.</em>

15. King and queen playing card symbols.

King and queen playing card symbols.

16. The latitude and longitude of your wedding reception.

The latitude and longitude of your wedding reception.

17. Catdog.


18. “Love.”

19. Matthew 19:6.

Matthew 19:6.

20. Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man.

Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man.

21. Pinky and The Brain.

Pinky and The Brain.

22. Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang.

23. Love branches.

Love branches.

(H/T: Visual News.)

Whether or not you”re a fan of getting inked, there”s no denying these sweet sentiments.

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