Looking For A Nice Family Outing? Then Please Don’t Visit This Hellish Park.

Nothing”s better on a sunny day than to round up the family, pack a lunch, and take a trip to Hell. Because nothing helps you relax and appreciate nature like the agonized wailing of sinners in eternal damnation. Hooray!

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Park is about 90 minutes from Bangkok and, despite its nature, is a popular tourist attraction. It”s a sculpture garden where visitors can eat a picnic lunch and stroll through the grounds, taking in the sculptures of sinners being eviscerated in a variety of frankly very inventive ways. It”s actually almost impressive.

Please be aware that some of these photos might be NSFW. Or really for any activity.

Please be aware that some of these photos might be NSFW. Or really for any activity.

Nothing like a nice walk in the park with these guys.

And nothing like eating lunch next to a nice hanging.

We decided to spare you the image of the guy who a) has huge testicles and b) is in the middle of having them eaten by a hellhound. We”re sorry, or you”re welcome, depending on your squeamishness levels.

The park”s statues depict people receiving punishment for various transgressions as described in Buddhist texts. This park is a representation of the Buddhist hell rather than the Christian one. But they”re pretty much the same, what with the endless torment. Life-sized statues are flayed, impaled, eaten by animals, and, in a truly bizarre but kind of also hilarious instance, forced to climb a giant cactus. Others are turned into animals that are befitting of their sins: thieves turn into monkeys, the greedy into pigs, and the dishonest into toads. Sounds about right.

No pants in Hell.

She”s taking the disemboweling remarkably well.

Yes, I got that, thanks.

The “It”s a Small World After All” tunnel that freaks everyone out is suddenly not looking so bad anymore, eh?

The park”s aim is to teach moral values through everyone”s favorite and most constructive tactic: fear. The statues and the gore aren”t so lifelike as to truly be upsetting, but they”re still pretty brutal. Many visitors, though, seem to enjoy it, especially the kids, many of whom seem to find the whole thing very amusing. The park also encourages people to support monks and monasteries by way of donations. Or meet this fate. Your choice.

This isn”t the only Hell-themed park around, either. There”s one in Singapore and one in Beijing, both with life-size statues and lots of gore–and both just as popular as this one in Thailand. And it”s obvious why, as they”re clearly such charming places!

What”s that? You can suddenly handle the Magic Kingdom again? It”s a miracle!