Kitchen Hacks For Everyone: Don’t Throw Out That Milk Jug

There will come a time when you”ll need to do something, something you”ve seen people do many times, only to realize that there”s an unexpected issue. Maybe you have a thirsty plant and no watering can. Maybe you realized that getting canned goods out of a can can be tricky, or are dismayed to find your cookies keep getting stale. And maybe you”d just like to make yourself a nice breakfast on the weekend.

Think this looks complicated? It”s not!

Never fear! We found a collection of easy kitchen tricks that will not only make your life easier, but will also make you look immediately like a confident homemaker who knows their way around a kitchen.

(via HouseholdHacker)

The milk jug one was our favorite, because it gives you the added bonus of being able to have a successful mini garden in your kitchen! The rest of these tips are great, too, though, especially for a college student or someone just starting out and getting used to having their own kitchen. Tricks like this will help you save money, too!