Keep An Eye On This Dog – What She Does On Camera Is Unbelievable

Sometimes, it really seems like our doggie friends might have psychic abilities, with their incredibly acute powers of perception and heightened senses. Whether they”re sniffing out strange vibes with their adorable snouts or they hear a car door shut down the street that activates their bark defense system, it can be pretty spooky.

When this pup named Sophie acted more anxious than usual while she was with her human at work one day, her owner didn”t think much of it. Everything seemed like just another day at the office, and Sophie even curled up next to one of the other workers. But when she suddenly rushed to her human”s side, no one expected what happened next.

(source BrianWheeler12)

Sophie stayed by her owner”s side while all the employees safely exited the building before any real damage could be done by the 6.5-magnitude tremors. No one is exactly sure how she sensed the impending shakes, but I know I”d be thankful for a pup like this if I lived in quake-ridden California.