Kate Winslet And The Magic French Fry!

Leo Dicaprio was recently all over the news for the appearance of his vape pen at the SAG awards this past Saturday, and in that picture we notice in the background that Kate Winslet is eating a french fry. Which is funny, because how often do you get to see celebrities acting like normal people doing things like eating fries and what not? But what’s more interesting is that if you look closely at the picture, you notice that there isn’t anything on the plates that even remotely resemble a french fry.


So I ask you, where did this magic fry come from? Did she have it in her purse? Did she have her assistant get her some fries from the local fast food joint? I for one would like to find out where this fry came from.


One thing that is for sure, She looked damn good whatever she was doing.