It’s Hard To Tear Your Eyes Away From This Vintage, Yet Futuristic, Art

There”s a lot more going on in the paintings of Modestas Malinauskas than initially meets the eye. His fantastical, richly layered images show a world full of strange, massive vehicles that appear to be patched together from various materials, resulting in an object that”s both mysterious and whimsical.



Magic Ship

<i>Magic Ship</i>



With their rusty-looking, bolted-together parts, these ships and aircraft could easily be a bit on the sinister side, but Malinauskas lightens the mood in each painting by using bright, saturated colors and giving a humorous shape to each vehicle. So instead of looming Franken-vehicles, they become quirky, endearing-looking ships ready to ferry us off to a magical land.

On the Coast

<i>On the Coast</i>

Back to Home

<i>Back to Home</i>





Seemingly cobbled together from salvaged parts, these ships of sea and air hint at another world, a fantasy world where things are a little…different. Malinauskas doesn”t elaborate on who made and operates these fantasy ships or where they might be going, leaving it up to the viewer to fill in the story. For his part, Malinauskas says that his paintings are inspired by “dreams and play,” and that his images come from places of happiness and positivity.

The Last One

<i>The Last One</i>

To a Date

<i>To a Date</i>

Ship II

<i>Ship II</i>



Besides these vessels, Malinauskas also paints images of still life, including some teapots that seem to inform the shape of his ships, and you can see those on his website and gallery site. While painting, Malinuskas can be found in his studio along with his wife, who is also an artist and known for her handmade dolls.