It Took A Heart Attack To Have This Family Share Their Talent With The World

At first glance, the Neales might look like a typical boy band. However, this vocal group, composed of a father and his three sons, is anything but typical.

Three years ago, Laurie nearly died from a heart attack that shook his family”s world. Realizing just how precious life is, James, Dan, and Phil started devoting more time to their father, agreeing to help him fulfill his dream of singing on the Britain”s Got Talent stage.

Watch as the foursome perform their rendition of the Everly Brothers” “When Will I Be Loved.” It”s a performance that”s sure to instantly brighten up your day.

(source Britain”s Got Talent)

That was a really touching performance. There were no big notes and no big dance. It was just the four being happy about life in front of a positive and receptive audience, and they couldn”t have asked for more.

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