It Seems He’s Just Making Pancakes…But Wait Til You See The Final Product

How adventurous do you get with your pancakes? Maybe you throw some chocolate chips or bananas into the mix every once in awhile…but can you make art with your batter?

In celebration of Pancake Day, the official Star Wars Facebook page posted an amazing video of a fan”s incredibly detailed pancake art. And we”re not talking your basic cookie-cutter pancake shapes. Using different colors and consistencies of batter, the artist brings out details like Yoda”s scaly skin and Darth Vader”s dark eyes. The final product is so cool, you wouldn”t want to eat them (maybe)!

Post by Star Wars.

(source Facebook)

I can only imagine how long it must take to hone a skill like this. Not only would you need to know how to mix your batter, you”d also have to be really familiar with the characters. I wish I had this kind of talent! All I can do is make smiley faces with blueberries or chocolate chips…