It Looks Like This Sheep Is Just Grazing, But Wait ‘Til The Camera Zooms Out…

Rescuers were stunned recently when they were called in to pull a sheep off the side of a mountain in Wales. Not because the sheep was so chill about the whole thing, or because he’d survived on his own for so long. Rather, they were completely baffled by how the sheep had arrived there in the first place.

As the sheep was stuck on the face of the mountain with no obvious way up or down, how he became stranded remains a mystery…and one that you certainly won’t be able to solve after watching the video.


See what we mean? There’s no way you or I, let alone a sheep, gets to the middle of that cliff face unscathed! Luckily for the sheep, though, someone finally saw him and had him rescued.

Even if he was nonchalant about it.