It Looks Like He Is Renovating His Home, But When The Camera Zooms Out? Wow.

Artist Bernie Mitchell works almost exclusively on walls using drywall compounds. No, he”s not spackling any holes with the thick, pasty substance. Instead, he creates stunning works of art in this unconventional yet surprisingly practical medium. Take a look at Mitchell”s work on his quirky creations and watch him apply every minute detail, from luscious landscapes to silly sea creatures.

Say, that lower blob looks curiously like a fish…

Mitchell”s completed project, which turns into a detailed relief sculpture with the careful application of drywall compound.

Watch Bernie Mitchell create the sculpture from scratch.

(via PrecisionTaping)

You can see more of Mitchell”s work with drywall on his Facebook page. When you find yourself again smoothing out the holes in your walls, consider the endless possibilities that this medium has to offer. It offers a different kind of smoothness to your home that is sure to captivate your guests.