Is This An Optical Illusion, Or Is This Mummy Opening Her Eyes?

The monks of Capuchin in Palermo, Italy, began mummifying the bodies of their monk brothers way back in 1599. They placed them to rest in underground catacombs alongside various religious artifacts. The tradition eventually spread to the surrounding villagers, but it wasn”t until 1920 that they ran out of space. One of the last bodies to undergo the mummification process was that of a 2-year-old girl.

Rosalia Lombardo died of pneumonia many years ago. Despite that, her body still transfixes visitors to the catacombs not just because of her tragically short life, but because her body is strikingly well preserved. And now recently, as this video below shows, there is something creepy going on with the body of little Rosalia. Are mummies” eyes supposed to blink?

(source: Cult of Weird)

Experts believe this illusion is simply due to temperature changes in the room where the body is. Some visitors though, believe it is the spirit of Rosalia, freeing herself from her body, long preserved.