iPhone 5c Catches Shotgun Blast, Saves Guys Life

Would you die for your iPhone? Because your iPhone would take a bullet for you.

That’s what happened when attempted murderer Ryan Duggan fired a shotgun at a concerned citizen.

Duggan and some troubled youths were hanging out outside of an apartment block, causing some ruckus. They shut the water off to the entire building. Jerks.

That’s when a 25-year-old man spoke to the group. It pretty quickly turned into a verbal altercation, and the victim chased Duggan down a footpath. That’s when Duggan pulled out his sawed-off shotgun and blasted the man.

The detective who lead the investigation said:

“Duggan’s actions that night were extreme and shocking – the victim went outside to speak to the group about the fact they had turned off the water supply resulting in the defendant shooting him with a powerful weapon. Fortunately, the victim’s mobile phone took the brunt of the shot and, as a result of this, he survived. This is remarkable – had that phone not been in his pocket at that time he would undoubtedly have died.”

That’s right, his iPhone totally saved his life. The victim was still pretty badly injured but survived his injuries.

Duggan was eventually caught and linked to his crime and was convicted of attempted murder. Also, since guns are extra super illegal in the UK, this dude is probably going away for a really long time.

The iPhone, sadly, did not survive. Hopefully they’ll let the victim keep it cause I’d frame the hell out of that. I’d make a necklace out of it and wear it right over my heart 24/7.