Instead Of Finding A Pond Full Of Fish, He Discovered Something Terrifying

If there”s one thing we all fear when swimming in freshwater ponds and lakes, it”s leeches. These blood suckers don”t mess around, and they”re quite gross. I”m shuddering with dread just thinking about them.

Earlier this month, YouTube user Solomon David posted underwater footage taken of a wetlands junction near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Instead of finding the water teeming with a variety of fish, David found that it was infested with hundreds of leeches. In fact, there were so many leeches in the water that David titled the video “Leech-nado.”

Warning: if you”re a bit squeamish about leeches, then you should probably stop right now.

(source Soloman David)

This is why I avoid swimming pretty much anywhere but a well-chlorinated swimming pool.

In the video notes, David mentions that this is the first time he has found leeches at this particular site. As the weather warms up, David suspects that the leech infestation will disperse. Until then, stay clear!