Incredible High-Fashion Window Displays Are Entirely Crafted By Hand

A Hermes storefront in Shanghai recently got some fancy handmade decorations by the French artist duo Zim & Zou. The pair drew inspiration from curiosity cabinets, those displays of the weird wonders of the natural world. In this case, their specimens are handcrafted from leather and paper. Each tiny scale, feather, face, and paw was meticulously created in a process that took the young pair three months to create.

Their time and effort was worth it, as their incredible, vibrant sculptures are instantly attention-grabbing. You almost don”t even notice the high-end fashion items that are the actual subjects of the display, but that”s okay.

(via Designboom)

The windows feature a collection of brightly-colored animal and plant forms, each with a comprehensive color scheme and theme. The two larger windows relate to air and water, while the two smaller windows relate to earth. The collections also feature corresponding creatures.

The air window features a collection of vibrant birds and flying insects, each with their own sense of personality. Meanwhile, Hermes-brand items are on display, but it”s the creatures that really capture our attention.

The water window features a cooler color palette and is populated by creatures from the deep.

The earth-themed windows, which occupy smaller spaces, have fewer items, but are no less striking in their craftsmanship. This fox figure, for example, is completely handcrafted and full of personality. It was also featured in another Hermes window display in Barcelona.

You can see more of Zim & Zou”s incredible crafts on their website, and keep up with their latest projects on their Facebook and Behance pages.