If You Thought Dogs Were Scared Of Vacuums, You Haven’t Met A SUPER Lazy Dog

Most dogs see vacuums as evil, scary monsters that they must flee as far away from as possible or else fall victim to their loud, whirring ways. I remember my big, brave yellow labrador basically turning back into a puppy every time spring cleaning came around.

But this hilariously lazy guy couldn”t give a rat”s bum when he finds himself in the path of a Roomba vacuum. He simply can”t be bothered to move, and it”s probably the silliest thing you”ll see all day.

(source AFVApproved)

You can almost hear the Roomba saying, “Um, excuse me?” as it attempts to work around the lounging pup, but he”s way too committed to his nap time to interpret it as anything more than a minor annoyance.

Maybe that”s the key to getting over your fears: be too lazy to care!

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