If You Know Someone Who Loves Elephants, You Should Get Them These Gifts

Elephants are some of nature’s wisest creatures. In fact, their brains have many of the same capabilities that ours do. Everyone knows that elephants never forget, but their cuteness is what really sets them apart.

So if you’re a devoted fan of elephants — or if you know someone who is — you should take a look at these elephant-inspired crafts and gifts.

1. An artsy shower curtain

2. An adorable watermelon

3. Paper lanterns

4. Cookies

5. A coffee mug

6. Some cleverly folded money

7. A bookmark

8. A cute throw pillow

9. Some precious pottery

10. Cake pops

11. Measuring cups

12. Towels

13. A lamp

14. Cookie cutters

15. Unique rings

16. Bookends

17. A decorative plug

18. A tea strainer

19. Fun and functional drainers

20. More coffee mugs

(via Bored Panda)

These are absolutely essential for all you elephant enthusiasts out there. But honestly, these things are cute enough for anyone to love.